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              About Us
                About the University
                About the Faculty
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              For Overseas Applicants
                Programs and Courses
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              About Baise City
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                How to get to the univercity
                Adress:No. 98 Chengxiang Road, Baise , Guangxi, 533000,P. R. China
              Contact Information
              Tel: +86-776-2823054
              Fax: +86-776-2823054, 2846565
              Address: No. 98 Chengxiang Road, Baise , Guangxi, 533000,P. R. China
              E-mail: youyiwai#163.com

              About the University

                  Established in 1958, Youjiang Medical University for Nationalities, grown out of Baise Medical College, has taken the responsibility of shifting the situation of the shortage of doctors and medication in western Guangxi and the minority regions in the southwest of the country, thus, unfolding a historic chapter in higher medical education for the land.
                  In 1978, the college was upgraded to undergraduate level and renamed to Youjiang Medical College for Nationalities; In 1982, it was granted the charter to confer bachelor degree; In 2008, it was graded Excellence in undergraduate education qualification evaluation by the Ministry of Education of China; In 2010, it was confirmed to be included in the Scheme for Developing Master Degree Authorization Organizations by the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council; In 2013, it was approved the charter to confer Master degree ......

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